This web page includes materials linked to the research project Experimental Catalan Poetry from 1970. Dynamicity in the Literary Field: Contacts and Contexts (FFI2012-34722), funded by the Spanish Ministry of Economy and Development (2012) and carried out by the research group LiCETC. The project intends to study the experimental poetics that emerged in the Catalan cultural sphere from the decade of the 1970s onwards, from the point of view of its mobility in the cultural field, paying attention to its social dynamicity (canonicity, consumption, reception, presence on the public sphere), rhetorical dynamicity (genre-icity, redefinition of the lyrical subject ) and relational dynamicity (interartistic, interdisciplinary, interliterary contacts). With the basis of an agglutinating methodological approach, that uses elements from Pierre Bourdieu’s cultural field theory, reception studies, cultural studies and the new theories about poetry, the project will take as its core the writings of authors that have in common their practice as textual researchers.

The project continues on the path explored in a previous research, Experimental Catalan Poetry 1970-1990: Discourses, Representations, Reception, Infrastructures of Dissemination and Sociocultural Framework  (PEC) (MCI, FFI2009-07086), that addressed experimental poetics from the decades of the 1970s and 1980s.

The location of experimental poetry on the margin of the Catalan literary canon, that both rejects it and needs it in order to become complete, facilitates its open-minded approach to languages and practices such as French-originated textualism, letterism and spatialism, Brazil-rooted concretism and Italian visive poetry. Out of the several meanings the word “experimentation” may have, the project focuses not only on the re-reading of the poetics that contribute to the Catalan literary system with diverse forms of textual rupture (such as the playful approach to format, code and support, or the integration of visual elements), but also the new ways of the communication of the poem (through the vindication of performance and orality, for example). The project concentrates on the following authors, among others: Vicenç Altaió, Josep Albertí, Josep M. Calleja, Enric Casasses, Miquel Desclot, Jordi Domènech, Eduard Escoffet, Patrick Gifreu, Carles Hac Mor, Damià Huguet, Joan Palou, Santi Pau, Josep Pedrals, Perejaume, Marcel Pey, Jordi Pope, Pau Riba, J. R. Roig, Benet Rossell, Joaquim Sala-Sanahuja, Josep-Lluís Seguí, Víctor Sunyol and Andreu Terrades.

This research intends to further explore the field of study opened by the project HUM2006-06108FILO, dedicated to the Catalan experimental narrative (DENC).
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