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El Instituto de Investigaciones Agroambientales y de Economia del Agua (INAGEA) ya dispone del proyecto estratégico y del reglamento interno que establecen las líneas maestras que han de guiar la actuación de este nuevo Instituto de Investigación.
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Recently defensed Doctoral Thesis

Effects of grapevine leafroll associated virus 3 (GlRaV3) concentration on plant physiology and quality parameters in Vitis vinifera L. white cultivars. By Dr. Rafael Montero Silvestre.  November 2015.

"Acclimation of photosynthesis to water deficit and high temperature: Physiological and Biochemical aspects" by Dr. Juan Alejandro Perdomo, february 2015

New Publications

1. Book: "Terrestrial Photosynthesis in a Changing Environment" A Molecular, Physiological and Ecological Approach.
Edited by : Jaume Flexas, Francesco Loreto e Hipólito Medrano.

Cambridge, 2012.

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2- Book: Grapevine in a Changing Environment. A Molecular and Ecophysiological Perspective.
Publishers: Hernani Gerós, Maria Manuela Chaves, Hipólito Medrano Gil and Serge Delrot. 2015.

3-From leaf to whole-plant water use efficiency (WUE) in complex canopies: Limitations of leaf WUE as a selection target.
(The Crop Journal)

4-Differences in water use efficiency between two Vitis vinifera cultivars (Grenache and Tempranillo) explained by the combined response of stomata to hydraulic and chemical signals during water stress.

(Agricultural Water Management)
5- Plasticity of vulnerability to leaf hydraulic disfunction during acclimation to drought in grapevines: an osmotic-mediated process.

(Physiologia Plantarum)
Invited Lectures

 Research on tomatoes by the  Group of Biology under Mediterranean Conditions at UIB. Jeroni Galmés. Congreso: Traditom-Procida. Nápoles, Italia. 24-25 abril 2015.

Cell wall thickness and chloroplast distribution at the crossroad: an evolutionary trade-off between photosynthesis and desiccation tolerance?, Flexas, J., Coopman, R., Fernández, B., Gago, J., García-Plazaola, JI, Gulias, J., Hernández, A., Rib-Carbó, M. Congreso: XXI Reunión de la Sociedad Española de Fisiología Vegetal. Toledo, España, 14-17 junio 2015.

Jaume Flexas, un dels investigadors més influents de tot el món

Dr. Jaume Flexas


The biology of plants is largely determined by the environment and thus the natural vegetation as well as the crop plants of the Mediterranean are of particular interest with regard to their adaptation mechanisms/strategies.

Our research group focuses mainly on plant responses to water stress, and associated stresses as, high light , temperature, etc., in order to unravel the underlying mechanisms of the fascinating plasticity in planta and the potential for biotechnology and agronomy applications.

The group was officially formed in 2002, as a result of a call for tenders of our university, but its roots had been well established beforehand by professors and  PhD students and their enthusiasm and will for improvements of knowledge in physiology, biotechnology and agronomy. Hence, our aim is to contribute to a more profound knowledge in this research field with the maximum competitiveness and scientific excellence, and to patent applications for sustained agriculture in the Mediterranean region.

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Director:  hipolito.medrano@uib.es
Secretary: belen.escutia@gmail.com