Dr. Antoni Gomila Benejam

Dr. Antoni Gomila Benejam
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I’m currently Full Professor of Psychology (Thinking and Language), at the Psychology Departament of the University of the Balearic Islands. My background is in Philosophy (PhD in 1990, “After the Computational Mind”), and my interests have centered on issues at the frontiers between philosophy of mind, psychology and cognitive science: representation and meaning, expression and intersubjectivity, intentional explanation and rationality, morality, always from an evolutionary perspective.

I'm the author of Verbal Minds: Language and the Architecture of the Mind (Elsevier, 2012), and have edited, with Paco Calvo, the Handbook of Cognitive Science: an embodied approach (Elsevier, 2008). I'm also the author of many papers, which you can find here: http://antonigomila.wordpress.com/

I received a Fulbright posdoc grant in 1990-91, to work at Rutgers University with Jerry Fodor, and spent a sabbatical in 2009 at The School of Psychology, University of St. Andrews. I’m a researcher of theHuman Evolution and Cognition research group at UIB (an associated unit to IFISC).

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21332 - Treball de Fi de Grau de Psicologia
11191 - Teoria de l'Evolució
11215 - Treball de Fi de Màster

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