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Dr. Oreste Piro Perusin
Dr. Oreste Piro Perusin
Professor titular d'universitat
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Dr. Oreste Piro Perusin


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Oreste Piro is an expert in chaotic dynamics since as early as 1980, when this theory was at its starting point. He worked in nonlinear oscillations and excitable systems both from the theoretical point of view and applying his findings to problems in other fields such as cardiac physiology and chemistry. In the second half of the 80s he became interested in the applications of dynamics to fluid mechanics via chaotic advection moved by the fact that the properties Hamiltonian dynamics trajectories in the abstract phase space can became tangible as trajectories of fluid elements in 2-D flows. But this is not the only motivation to engage in this type of problems. The then developing theory of Hamiltonian chaos could be used in this context to design practical devices to solve a not always well known engineering problem of very important industries such as food and medicinal ones: mixing and heat transport at very low Reynolds numbers. His main contribution in this field during the late 80s was the development of the theory passive scalar transport and mixing for three-dimensional time-periodic flows, for which, Hamiltonian dynamics does not apply directly but serves as a guide to develop a fundamentally new dynamics. Since the last two decades he turned his attention to deal mainly with applications of dynamical systems to different areas of Biology including hearing, biofluidics electrophysiology, cardiac dynamics, neurophysiology, development, etc. He has published more than 100 articles in leading refereed journals such as Phys. Rev. Lett., PNAS, etc. h-index: 33 (Google Schollars).


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