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Dr. Konstantin Klemm

Dr. Konstantin Klemm
Contractat Ramón y Cajal
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    Dr. Konstantin Klemm


    Currículum breu

    Konstantin Klemm studied Physics in Kiel (Germany) and holds a PhD in Physics from the University of Copenhagen (Niels Bohr Institute), awarded in 2004. He has held positions at the U of Leipzig (Germany), U of Vienna (Austria) and Nazarbayev University (Kazakhstan). He conducts research into networked dynamical systems and graphs, with research questions triggered by and applications in biological and social systems. He has published 47 peer-reviewed articles in international journals including PNAS, PRL, Bioinformatics, Journal of Economic Dynamics and Control. Konstantin has taught a range of topics in Computer Science (Algorithms and Data Structures, Combinatorial Optimization), Bioinformatics, Discrete Mathematics and Theoretical Physics. He is an Outstanding Referee (awarded 2016) of the American Physical Society; Associate Editor for Advances in Complex Systems since 2007; Ramon y Cajal Fellow at UIB since 2016.


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