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Dr. Bartolomé Deyá Tortella
Dr. Bartolomé Deyá Tortella
Professor titular d'universitat
Economia Financera i Comptabilitat

Dr. Bartolomé Deyá Tortella


Currículum breu

Bartolome Deya Tortella is PhD in Economics by the Universidad Carlos III de Madrid (Spain). He has published several research papers in international journals like Water Resources Research, Water, Journal of Environmental Management, Advances in Accounting, Management Research, The European Accounting Review, between others. He has participated and participates consecutively since 2001 in a total of 10 research projects at both national and international level. Has made contributions in several national and international conferences. Has made several research visits at prestigious investigation centers like Universidad Carlos III de Madrid Arizona State University - (USA). In July 2004 he received First Prize for Financial Studies in Human Resources Area (Centro de Estudios Financieros). He is reviewer of several international reviews like Annals of Tourism Research, Tourism Economics, European Accounting Review, among others.

Nowadays he is a full professor in the Department of Business Economics in the area of Financial Economics and Accounting in the University of Balearic Islands, from October 1997. He is also coordinator of several international conferences (International Conference Tourism China-Spain, International Conference of Digital Tourism, etc). He is also the coordinator of the Melia Hotels International Chair, granted annually with 50.000 USD. He has held various management positions of responsibility since March 2004 like vice dean of the Faculty of Economics and Business. Actually is the Dean of the Faculty of Tourism.


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30/01/2019 10/07/2019 dimecres 17.00 18.00 Despacho decano - Edificio Arxiduc Lluís Salvador

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20516 - Finances Empresarials
20531 - Treball de Fi de Grau de Turisme

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20516 - Finances Empresarials
20531 - Treball de Fi de Grau de Turisme
20535 - Gestió d'Empreses d'Allotjament
20602 - Introducció als Mercats i Operacions Financeres
21222 - Treball de Fi de Grau d'Empresa
2410 - Finances Empresarials II


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