Urban art: a tour around the UIB's murals

The university campus in Palma houses artwork on its exterior walls. Over recent years, the façades of the UIB have taken on a unique look with murals painted by local artists. A stroll around the campus trails offers surprising large-scale examples of urban art by young artists.

A mural by Javier Garló to commemorate the 40th anniversary and five centuries of history of the UIB

Cristatus XL is the name of the work selected to commemorate four decades of the university and is located at the Faculty of Science on the façade of the Mateu Orfila i Rotger building. Here, Javier Garló painted a mural filled with symbols linked to the university: a chapiter as a representation of wisdom; the symbol of the sun referencing Ramon Llull; a peacock (several of which can be seen wandering around the campus), a symbol associated with women; snakes, an image of resurrection, and a pentagram.

Murals filled with rhythm by Joan Aguiló, Irene López, MisterPiro and Uriginal

In celebration of the popular Mallorca Live Festival—and sponsored by it—four renowned artists produced a series of striking colourful murals at different faculties of the university.

The first work from the thematic series to adorn our walls with colour was a large-scale mural with underwater themes by MisterPiro; Irene López painted a landscape with a geometric composition in perspective containing elements from the Balearic Islands at the Faculty of Philosophy and Arts, on the outside wall of the Ramon Llull building; and Uriginal and Irene López collaborated to produce a striking five by ten metre mural at the Faculty of Law, Economics and Business, and Tourism, on the interior façade in the parking area. Finally, the eight-metre-tall work by Majorcan artist Joan Aguiló gives us an insight into oral tradition with an allegory of wisdom represented by two elderly women.


Almond trees in bloom to highlight the CD2

The CD2 or Centre for Documentation on Cooperation for Development is located in the Faculty of Philosophy and Arts, outside the Ramon Llull building. The wall there has been home to a floral print by local artist Carles God since 2018. The Majorcan artist created a mural of almond trees in bloom and pollinating bees that provides aesthetic prominence to this space promoting knowledge and outreach on cooperation for development. It uses the metaphor of pollinating flowers and shows a clear influence from Chinese floral art.

Another representation with the same aesthetic inspiration can be seen inside the building's library.


The UIB greets you with a 'Bon dia' on its walls

The 'Comença amb un Bon Dia' (Start with a Good Morning) campaign by the Obra Cultural Balear extends to the Faculty of Science with a colourful mural containing the slogan 'A la UIB començam amb un Bon dia' (At the UIB we start the day with a Good Morning). The cultural association received support from the Joves de Mallorca per la Llengua association (Majorca Youths for Language) to extend the campaign to the academic community and make its mark at the UIB campus.