Discover everything the UIB Library can do for you

The library is your starting point for work, study and independent learning at the campus. Once you know which is your home library on the campus, at Son Espases University Hospital or at the Minorca and Ibiza-Formentera sites, your reference adventure can start. How can we help?

A space offering the right comfortable equipment

The libraries provide different spaces and equipment to check collections, for individual and group work (with five study areas in the Jovellanos library and a group work room in the Ramon Llull library) and informal study areas. All are connected to the UIB's free Wi-Fi network for all university students. There are also self-service scanners for copying documents. We make your life easier.

The perfect bibliographic collection to cover your requirements

The catalogue is the entry point for all library collections. There is the physical collection housed across the different libraries and the online collection accessible through the different e-services at the university.

The catalogue provides students with access to recommended reading lists on different subjects taught by their lecturers. We coordinate with all your lectures so that everything you need is on-hand.

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Personalised access to certain services

You can manage different library services independently through your student user account.

The most used service is book and equipment loan queries, with the option to renew if you need to hold on to them for longer. Another option is reservations for books and equipment available at the library and on loan to other students.

You can also view messages from the library, loan history, make lists grouped by useful documents and even see any fines.

A service point offering answers to all your different information queries

Face-to-face, at the library desks or online through the Deman @ service, by filling out the form or over WhatsApp, the library can answer the following queries:

  • General information about the library, opening times, location, etc.
  • Different services, e.g. loaning books, laptops and other equipment (mobile charges, calculators and USB sticks, mice, stands...) or the study areas
  • How to access documents or resources through the catalogue, e.g. recommended reading
  • How to search for bibliographies, locate documentation on a topic and organise it effectively.

An independent learning and training space for information skills

The Student Library website houses videos and support guides for independent learning.
When it comes to studying different subjects and writing academic work, it is essential to know the resources and services available at the library to get the most out of them.

The videos and different material are grouped into the following sections:

  • The library and its services
  • How to find academic information
  • Research strategies and information assessment
  • Academic writing
  • Independent learning. This section offers the 'How to find academic information, manage bibliography and the ethical use of information' course (1 ECTS credit).

A world of possibilities to discover

The website houses all the information we have just set out, about what the library is and what it can offer.

Check the different sections to find out more.