Guide to the new 2020 UIB website

Guide to the new 2020 UIB website

What does it look like?

A picture is worth a thousand words. At the UIB we have been committed to using infographics to modulate information for a long time now.

First-level page example

Intranet PDI Portal 

1. Home page


2. Subsections

Who develops it

The 2020 version of the UIB’s website is developed by the Office of the Pro-Vice-Chancellor for Digital Campus and Transmedia Projects in collaboration with the Web Office and the Image, Promotion and Internal Communication section of the Image, Promotion and Communication Service.

The contents are also edited and provided by all UIB’s web editors, without whose collaboration it would be impossible to undertake this endeavour.

How to improve it

We are human, we might make mistakes. That’s why we ask you to report through this form any mistakes or malfunctions you may come across.


We can all together build and improve the UIB’s new website in the most convenient and productive ways.