Anàlisi per injecció en flux i anàlisi de traces (FI-TRACE)

Resum de l'activitat de recerca

The main goal of the FI-TRACE research group at the UIB is the development of novel analytical miniaturized methods and their application to the determination of traces of contaminants in troublesome environmental matrices as detailed below:

1. Development of novel automatic solid-phase and liquid-phase microextraction methods for sample clean-up and preconcentration of legacy and emerging contaminants in soils and environmental waters

2. Development of dynamic fractionation methods for trace metal and organic species partitioning in terrestrial solids and foodstuffs for bioaccessibility and bioavailability tests.

3. In-vitro oral gastrointestinal methods simulating the ingestion of soil (accidentally), airborne particulate matter and food to ascertain the release of inorganic and organic contaminants in gut juices and permeation through permeselective membranes

4. Development of metal plasmonic biosensors for point of care analysis

5. Development and application of fluidic platforms based on 3D printing